I’m a blabbering idiot. Seriously. When I’m caught off guard, I become completely flabbergasted. One night at work, I served as breaker and just took over a co-worker’s line for a few minutes. The night was quiet, and the end of my shift was in sight. A few minutes later, a familiar looking guy strolls through my lane, and my brain starts spinning and trying to find clues about how I know this guy.

I tried to play cool, trying not to blatantly stare and hoping my brain works faster in the recognition section. However, after a few measly seconds, I give up and finally say, “You look really familiar.” The guy smiles at me and speaks so softly I could barely hear him. I hear the words “eleven” and “twelve” and “waitress.” Finally! The pieces fall together, and I know who the guy is! Livingston, the nerd tech guy from Ocean’s Eleven!



I continue to be a blubbering idiot and rack my brain for the actor’s name and more of filmography. My mind fails me, and Eddie Jemison — aka Livingston — introduces himself. Why in the world is Eddie Jemison in Cedar Rapids? More importantly, why is he shopping at a popular retail store? And what are the chances that this guy who starred in a movie with George Clooney and Brad Pitt saunters through MY lane.

First, Eddie doesn’t live in Iowa — he was in town filming a movie called The Summerland Project. Fortunately, he was shopping with the film’s director (I think) who lives in the area. Second, I finally realize he was in a wonderful little filmed called Waitress starring Kerri Russell and Nathan Fillon. I highly recommend the movie — funny and just really cute. Great! Now, I want to watch the movie again.



Anyway, I become the biggest nerd girl in the world and start blabbering on and on and on about “Waitress” because for the life of me I can’t remember any other movies Eddie starred in. Ocean’s Eleven. Ocean’s Twelve. Ocean Thirteen. Waitress. That’s all I know. I’m excited. I want to take my picture with him to preserve the memory, but I think that might be a little unprofessional and I’m not supposed to have my phone on the floor.

And remember the film director with him? Luckily, she was involved in a conversation with the guest behind them because I really just want to sit down and have coffee with Eddie. I want to ask him about his process, role choice, and other stuff. Eventually, Eddie and the film director leave, and I’m still excited about the encounter. Not to the mention, the guest behind Eddie and the director was also excited and breathless.

I was so so so grateful the guest and her kid were so incredibly awesome and cool because the guest and I gushed about the experience for a good five minutes while the tweenish kid patiently waited. I was also thankful the night was quiet and no other guests were in my lane. The guest mentioned Eddie looked familiar to her but she couldn’t quite place him either, and I recommended she check out Waitress.

Over the past few days, I told pretty much everyone I knew about my meeting Eddie Jemison and also kicked myself in the butt for completely spacing out on any pop culture information! I’m the one who knows Jon Bon Jovi starred in U571, a movie I haven’t even seen! I can easily name five movies starring Kate Winslet. My brother-in-law occasionally calls me Jennifer Movie Database. I’m kind of sad my brain failed me when I needed it the most.

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