OK, I have two questions. Should I refashion my Coach purse? I haven’t even owned the thing for a year and the straps are unraveling and look terrible. A short web search uncovered Coach doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty or guarantee on its purses but will fix the issues for a fee that I don’t want to pay. I could hunt down a Coach store or outlet and hope the salespeople take pity on my plight and offer me a free new purse.


With a gift card and a really good store sale, I scored my first Coach purse — not paying too much for it. So, I’m kind of OK with refashioning it into a crossbody purse — my favorite style. As much as I love my purse, it is a little too big for me and not my style. So, do I dare attempt to refashion it into a crossbody purse? I predict a 30% — maybe 40% — chance of success since my refashioning skills are still in the beginner stage.

My second question: should I refashion a purse given to me as a gift? I love love love the purse, but it’s too small with too small straps. I love the pattern, and I love that my sister thought of me when she picked it out during an out of the country trip. So, would she be a teeny bit upset if I made some slight modifications? The main focus would be lengthening the short straps to either create crossbody straps or over the shoulder.

I have some time to think about the possible refashions because I’m nowhere close or confident enough to start the projects. I have an idea or at least a blueprint of the changes I would like to make to the purses, but I’m not quite sure how to execute them. And I’m not 100% sure if I should even refashion the purses even though I know I would get more use out of them as crossbody purses. Argh! I have no idea what to do. Poop.

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  1. As soon as you feel comfortable, you should refashion the Coach purse. Ask your sister about the other purse refashion — just ask her permission. Happy holidays, my love.

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