9. Send out 2014 Christmas cards. The last time I sent out Christmas cards was the year Charlie and I were married. I should probably send out Christmas cards and update friends and family about our first year in Iowa.



With so many options and designs available, I had a hard time choosing the perfect Christmas card but I found a card that offered the perfect way to document our first year in Iowa. When we’re not at home with our always well behaved cats, Charlie and I gambled a little bit in Las Vegas and spent time with my family in the area.

I just can’t believe the middle of December is already here and somehow feel like I’m not ready for the holiday magic (although that hasn’t stopped me from consuming a large amount of holiday chocolate). My shopping is complete (and wrapped), and my brand spanking new sewing machine has been busy completing a few projects.

With chocolate satisfying my sweet tooth and Christmas music crooning in my ear, I have the Christmas spirit but I think I need snow on the ground to complete the holiday magic. As much as I don’t like snow making everything messy, I need to see a little bit of the white stuff to make it feel like Christmas … and then the snow can melt away.  🙂

Categories: 2014 Resolution: 40 Before 40, Jennifer Elliott

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