17. Paint a moustache on a bottom of a mug. Or a pig snout. Or cat whiskers.

Finding a somewhat inexpensive white mug without writing on the bottom is a difficult challenge. I went to my go-to store — the dollar store — but I couldn’t find a mug without some sort of type on the bottom. What the pooh? Plan A: simply draw a big circle and two smaller circles inside the big one with a permanent Sharpie marker.


I then searched around my former place of employment, and the hunt provided disappointment and emptiness. At the third store, I decided to settle on Plan B — just draw a pig nose on the side of the mugs. I didn’t want to waste any more time trying to find a printless mug bottom. Plan B may not be as good as the original plan.


But then … then … then … I did an interweb search and found a few tutorials on DIY pig snout mugs. I never ever thought to paint the bottom of the mug, covering the manufacturing print! I’m such an idiot sometimes. But then did I really want to spend about less than $5 for paint and a brush and take a few days to complete the paint project?


Nope. Not really. I love my Sharpie markers. And I love simple projects. So, Plan C was created. Draw cute little cat whiskers and nose on the side of the mugs. I have a marker. I can draw lines, circles, and hearts without too much trouble. And I love love love love Plan C! My little cat face is super cute and adorable! Project done!



Categories: 2014 Resolution: 40 Before 40, Jennifer Elliott

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