I have a problem — a problem I just can’t skirt. Ha! Get it? Skirt. Oh, never mind. I picked up this colorful summer dress for a few dollars over the summer with intentions to refashion it. Because my wardrobe lacks cute casual shirts, I wanted to turn the dress into a cute top with sleeves. As soon as I cut the dress in half, I saw the potential of the bottom half as a cute spring-summer skirt.


However, I think I might — just might — have too many skirts in my closet. I needed the bottom portion of the dress to make the top a teeny bit bigger and to create sleeves. I really didn’t need another skirt, but upon closer inspection, I realized I had the perfect shirt to match the potential skirt. With a new outfit practically complete, Plan A was thrown out the window.


Easy peasy. I simply created a casing and inserted a piece of elastic. I left the skirt a little longer than normal, but I can still twirl around like a pro. Now, I just need to wait for warmer weather to come around. Although on the bright side, I love prancing around the snow in my new winter boots! Yay!

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