Instead of freaking out about turning 40 in less than three months, I decided about a year ago to embrace the stupid number with grace and dignity. OK, maybe not grace and dignity, but I’m ready for the huge milestone. 40 is just a number, right?

Apparently, when I’m dressed in sweats and a hoodie, I can pass for a college student — bless the construction worker who asked if I didn’t have class. I also love dropping the number bomb when people guess I’m in late 20s or early 30s. Again, bless their hearts.

A year ago, I decided to celebrate the milestone by jumping out of an airplane. The idea sat on the horizon throughout 2014, and I mentioned the plan to various family members and my husband to plant the seed in my mind that this WILL HAPPEN.

I just can’t talk about jumping out of a plane for months and then back out at the last minute, can I? Well, I’m sure I can, but then I have to live with that regret. And I hate regret. Now that 2015 is here and January is almost over, the idea is almost running full steam ahead.

What makes this goal run so much faster is Charlie completing research on nearby skydiving facility and tucking away a few hundred dollars for the occasion. Less than three months! Holy crap! I can do this! I CAN DO THIS! What the pooh did I get myself into?

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