For the past few months, I’ve been working on a new web site — Over the holidays, I made a ton of quillows for various family members and some of my friends have been curious about these projects. Sometimes pictures paint a better description than my awkward words of quilty and pillow. I created the site for friends and family who are interested in buying one of my quillows.

Honestly, this is not a business venture. Even if I sell three or four quillows in a week or month, the sales won’t pay our bills. I’ll make a small profit — I won’t lie — but I won’t be rolling in bed with hundred dollar bills anytime soon (plus that’s just gross). Because I’m not a professional quilter, my quillows are reasonably priced due to minor errors and imperfections.


I’m still perfecting the art of creating quillows, which hasn’t been easy with two curious cats and my very limited amount of patience. Even with careful cutting, sometimes my square patches don’t line up perfectly, which make me pout in disappointment. Sometimes the pillow pocket is not perfectly centered. Because of these imperfections, the listed prices are very reasonable.

I create quillows because I love sewing — it relaxes me — and I love giving something specially made to someone. Any kind of fabric with pink or purple colors, pretty flowers, or cute butterflies made my two nieces happy. In fact, my niece Tova helped me pick out a new stash of fabric during one trip to the fabric store. Me: “Hey, Tova! Is this fabric cute?” Tova: “Yes! I love it! Buy it!”

I must’ve been a tween when I received my first and only quillow when they were uber popular. What’s a quillow, you ask? Part quilt and part pillow, of course! When the quilt isn’t folded and tucked into the built-in pillow pocket, it’s a lovely blanket. I sadly had to toss my quillow when one of my cats had some behavior issues and targeted my beautiful blue quillow.

I don’t plan to have a huge inventory of quillows listed on the web site — — because I have no desire to crank out dozens of quillows at one time. For now, I should have about four or five quillows available for sale and maybe more based on increased interest. As much as I love sewing, I don’t want to spend my entire day or week sitting in front of my sewing machine.

I was a little hesitant about sharing the new site with family and friends because this venture is something new and the product is not perfect. But with a few friends interested, I really needed a platform to share quillow pictures and details. And a quick shout-out to my sister who has not received her quillow — don’t worry, I’m working on it.

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