30. Build a gingerbread house.


I was a little surprised I couldn’t find a gingerbread house on clearance a few days after Christmas. Luckily, I spotted a gingerbread Christmas tree set for less than $2! Score! Gingerbread cookies and two packets of green and white frosting were included in the kit, and I bought a small package of silver Sixlets to serve as ornaments.


During a visit with my mom at the nursing home, she and I easily and quickly assembled one of the two trees. I just threw some green frosting on the cookies and stacked them to resemble a Christmas tree. I dotted parts of the tree with white frosting, and my mom carefully placed the small chocolate balls on the tree. My dad and my sister, Krissy, assisted by eating a handful of the chocolates.


Maybe under better circumstances (assembly in a kitchen and utilize a knife), my tree could’ve been a beautiful masterpiece, but I’m happy with the way one of the trees turned out. I lost patience and interest after creating the first tree so my mom and I simply frosted the rest of the cookies and decorated them with the remaining chocolates.


I’ve never been a big fan of gingerbread, but I sampled a small cookie with frosting and surprisingly enjoyed it. I have a newfound respect and admiration for cake decorators who have so much patience and strength to create beautiful cakes and other bakery items. I’m pretty OK that my future career as a decorator is slim to none.



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