Can you guess where I’m at? I’m sitting at a booth in a cute little coffee shop, with my friend, April, sitting across from me. I’m typing away on my laptop, and April working on/swearing at her tablet — giving me a good reason not to invest in one. I can’t imagine blogging on a tablet, poking at the letters on the screen. Nope. I need a real live keyboard, with the sound of “click” and “clack” as I type my lame thoughts furiously.


I like working at the local coffee shop because it’s within walking distance from my place and it serves amazing food and drinks! Other than eavesdropping on a few conversations from occupied nearby tables and shoving a delicious breakfast sandwich in my face, I can buckle down and just work. No cats, no TV, no sewing machine, and no other “immediate” projects to distract me from blogging and writing. And I absolutely love it.

I kind of wonder what other coffee drinkers think of me when they glance around the cafe for an open table. Do they see a college student piecing together a thought-provoking 25-page dissertation? I am dressed in a gray T-shirt and sweatpants — really not dressed my fashionably fabulous self. Do they see a middle-aged woman simply poking around on her laptop with no end goal? Do they wonder what I could be typing?

I’m amazed at how much work I can complete when I’m not at home. I’ve already started a few new blog posts, and I’ve helped April make her new blog beautiful. I love coming here to avoid distractions at home and actually complete some work. The sense of accomplishment always makes me happy. Although I sometimes worry if the cafe staff secretly hate me for staying here for hours and just spending less than $20 on drinks and food.



I’m positive I’m not the only one who stays here for a few hours, taking advantage of the free WiFi service and cozy atmosphere. Life is good … until I find another job in the near future. I promised Charlie that I would start looking for a new job when the new year arrived. With all that I’ve accomplished during the past few months, it doesn’t help pay the bills. Maybe I should work for the coffee house because I saw a “Help Wanted” sign on the front door.

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  1. I can totally picture you in a coffeehouse working on your laptop! Are you working on your next book? You better be!!!!

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