For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to create a cute color block shirt because other DIYers make the process look so simple and awesome! I found three T-shirts that needed a little bit of jazz. I took one of the gray T-shirts and made a straight cut underneath sleeve seam.


I took the olive T-shirt and made the same cut. However, I ran into a small issue — the olive shirt was slightly larger than the white one. Instead of completing the shirt and feeling immediate satisfaction when a project is finished — and done beautifully — I needed a solution.


I sat on the shirt for a few days, thinking of a fix. I wanted to keep the body of the olive shirt intact because it fit me perfectly. So, how do I fix the small hole connecting the olive shirt and the white shirt? A few ideas came to mind, but none that I really liked.


In the end, I gathered the extra fabric in bits and pieces and hand sewn the small hole shut. The gathering created small pleats and bumps, but I can live with the minor imperfection. The imperfections are small and located under the armpit.


I’m pretty happy with the refashion and how the color block project turned out. My next question: Could I pull off the diagonal color block cut? I love the look, but I’m also not a tall and slender fashion model who could make a paper bag look good.

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