Soooooo, I had some extra floral fabric left over from a previous project and decided to make a cute spring-summer skirt. Feeling I had the elastic waistband mastered, I wanted to try something different — a wrap skirt. I remember sewing a few wrap skirts many, many years ago — a time when I wasn’t super confident with my sewing skills. Back then, I feared my skirts weren’t secure enough and would fall apart at any second.


I had no problem creating the body of the skirt and added cute pink trim at the bottom for a bit of contrast and length. *sigh* The waistband. Before adding ties, I threw in a white button for added security. Actually, I added three white buttons because my marking skills are apparently terrible. The skirt was a little too loose for my taste with the first button, so I added a second button. Not a big deal until I tried the skirt on with the second button.


Still too loose! What the pooh? Seriously?!? Argh! So, I added the a third stupid button, and the skirt felt much much better. Because I didn’t have too much fabric left for the ties, they were a little short and wide but they looked nice. Not perfect. Not fabulous. Just nice. The skirt looked nice, but I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. The fit was comfortable, but the skirt didn’t feel right. It didn’t make me clownishly happy, and it didn’t look complete.


So, I added a small strip of elastic to the back waistband for a better fit and a snap closure near the skirt ties for added security. And still … I’m not jumping for joy. I love the color and floral pattern of the fabric. I love the cute pink trim at the bottom of the skirt. I’m just not feeling the style of the skirt at all. The ties are short and stubby — not long and wispy. The three buttons are clunky and lumpy. And the snap closure doesn’t make the skirt feel safer.


Argh! At this point, I believe I should’ve stuck with the elastic waistband method that I know and love. But nooooooo, I have to try something different. I don’t want to give up on the skirt because I spent a good amount of time on it. So, the skirt has been thrown into one of my refashion piles until I think of a way to salvage it without too much more work. I don’t like tackling major obstacles because my patience is pretty thin as it is. Blargh!

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  1. I understand where you’re coming from! Half of my projects end up unfinished because they’re not turning out the way I want them to!

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