While paging through Pinterest one day, I found a simple tutorial on how to diamond smock. The author took a plain shirt and created a diamond smock across the front for a little bit of jazz and texture. I had a gigantic shirt that was comfortably roomy but just too long for me. Instead of creating a new bottom hem or even adding elastic to the side, I decided to try the diamond smock method.


Armed with a pencil and a ruler, I created an 8-inch vertical grid — with 1 centimeter squares — on one side of the shirt. Looking at the grid horizontally, I marked the first square in the first row on the left with a diagonal line and continued with every other square. In the second row, I marked a diagonal line in the opposite direction and continued with every other square.


I think the pictures provide better direction than my words.  🙂  Anyway, once the squares were marked, I ran a needle and thread in the first square in the direction of the diagonal line. From one corner to the second corner of the square, I sewed the two corners together and finished it with a knot. I wasn’t sure if I needed to cut the thread before moving on to the next square.


Because I’m kind of lazy, I didn’t cut the thread before sewing the next square’s corners. Row by row, I sewed the squares’ corners together. The inside pattern didn’t make much sense to me, which kind of bothered me because I like to see progress. So, I plugged along and completed the grid. Guess what?!? I LOVE IT! I tried the shirt on, and I love love love the jazz!


The pattern isn’t perfect, but it’s so pretty! I LOVE IT! I don’t even know if I could ever perfect the method or pattern, but I don’t even care. The diamond smock is pretty, and it definitely jazzes up a plain shirt. Because of my newfound love, I added two more rows and made all the rows a few inches longer for a little more jazz.


On the other side of the shirt, I drew the same grid and diagonal lines and added the same beautiful jazz. The method is simple but it is time consuming. Next time I use the diamond smock method, I plan to make the squares a teeny bit bigger and cut the thread after the corners have been knotted. I’m so happy with the pattern, and I can’t wait to try it again!


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