While rummaging through some refashion bins, I stumbled across a few unfinished projects that I started last year. As soon as I encounter a small or big issue, I have the tendency to abandon the project for a few days — or months — or years. Anyway, I nabbed two free button down shirts from my previous workplace with the intention of refashioning them into skirts (because that’s my specialty).


I took the shirt that had been deconstructed the most and figured out what my original plan was a year ago. The long sleeves were snipped off and cut apart to create a wide bias thing (again, not sure if that’s the correct terminology). The lines on the body of the skirt are vertical, and I decided the lines on the bias tape should be horizontal.


I simply sewed the horizontal strip to the bottom of the potential skirt and found white chevron remnant in my stash for the waistband. After creating tube (for the elastic), I sewed it to the top part of the skirt and inserted a pieces of elastic through the tube. I like the pencil skirt — just not in love with it. Something seems missing or wrong — just can’t put my finger on it.


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