I’m so determined to save this skirt created from an old work shirt. I’m just not feeling the refashion. The skirt was missing something, and I needed to find a fix. So, I cut the refashioned skirt into small strips and did the same thing with the second free work shirt. My dad gave me a stash of green floral fabric, which I suspect was fitted bed sheet. No matter because I like the fabric.


Anyway, I snagged some of that fabric and cut that into wider strips. I carefully arranged the strips: green floral strip, light stripe strip, green floral, green checkered strip, green floral, etc. My hope was the green floral fabric stands out and the strips of the work shirts look like a second layer or something. I have a vision, but I don’t know if it will look good.


The floral fabric was used to create a wide cuff for the bottom of the skirt and a small waistband (hello, elastic). My doubts about the look quickly vanished when I tried it on. My new skirt looks FABULOUS! Because of the green floral fabric, the skirt looks a little prairie-ish but it’s definitely different from all of my other skirts. Have I mentioned how much I love this new skirt?


However, the new skirt doesn’t really solve the problem of the two work shirts. I still have plenty of fabric left over from the shirts, and I need to figure out how to refashion them. Ideas are welcome because I’m not sure how to explain a new skirt to my husband who wonders how many skirts a woman can have. Hmmmmmm. I should probably go count the number of skirts in my closet.


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