Any day of the week over the past few months, you could find me sitting in front of my new sewing machine. Refashions. Skirts. Quillows. Pillowcases. Sewing relaxes me and makes the time just fly. With more projects and aspirations, I’ve been picking up neat little sewing accessories and supplies that have made my sewing life SO MUCH BETTER!


My favorite latest accessory is the bodkin — a little clippy thing that holds onto one end of an elastic piece and then snaked through a skirt waistband. Life before the bodkin included a ton of swear words and pricked fingers because the stupid safety pin occasionally detached itself from the head. And closing the stupid safety pin when it’s still hidden in the waistband is a complete pain. I can’t remember how I stumbled across the bodkin, but it has been a lifesaver. For just a few dollars, my fingertips have been saved during many skirt projects.


I’m still learning how to use my new pinking shears, which I’ve had for awhile. The shears have been great whenever I’m hemming my jeans or working on some other refashion. I really want to learn how to use them when I’m quilting because my square patches and strips fray when I use my normal scissors or rotary cutter. I would like to use the shears from the very beginning, saving me time from cutting fabric pieces during the quilting process. I’ve seen square patches and jelly roll strips with pinked edges (no idea if that’s the correct term).


When I trace a square on the fabric, am I using the shears on the traced line? Just outside the line? I already have issues with my square patches not being perfect, and I have issues seeing how my shears would create perfect square patches or strips. However, I love my pinking shears for just general use. I just need to do some research on how to properly use them during the quilting process. Any tips and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


A long long long time ago, a sales person at a local fabric store introduced me to cute little clips — an alternative to pins. At the time, I liked the idea of the clips but wasn’t willing to fork over more than $20. Until my workshop is ready for use, I have been working pin- and needle-free in the living room. Dumb cats should know better than to play with pins and needles, right? My lazy nature is completely fine with not using pins, but sometimes, pinning just makes a project work so much better. So, I broke down and bought a case of super cute multi-color clips.


AND I LOVE THEM! I love love love love a rainbow of colors, and I don’t worry about the cats attempting to eat them. I’m pretty sure they would just play with the clips — batting them around the living room with their cute little paws. So far, I’ve been pretty good about keeping the clips in the case. In even better news, I spent less than $15 on the clips, taking advantage of a sale AND using a 20% off coupon! I love coupons. Anyway, I just love the little things that make my sewing life so much easier and better. Thanks for all the tips and recommendations!

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