I picked up an oversize fleece sweatshirt for a few dollars with the intention of refashioning with side buttons. Thanks to Pinterest and the interweb, sweatshirts or sweaters with side buttons have caught my attention. The biggest decision I faced with this refashion was either creating a new off side opening (instead down the center) or splitting the side seams open.


I chose to split the side seams open and add buttons and closures because the sweatshirt was just gigantic to begin with. I took in the long sleeves in an inch or tw0 — so, they’re not super baggy anymore. I cut open the two side seams and hemmed the four open seams. Unfortunately, my button box didn’t contain 8 to 10 buttons that were similar in size and color.


Since when did buttons become so expensive? *sigh* I refuse to spend $8 on two buttons even if I have a 40% off coupon. Despite the wide selection of buttons, I had a hard time finding the perfect button in size and price range, but I finally found a good one (12 buttons, just in case). I sewed the buttons on by hand because I’m too lazy to read my sewing machine manual.


However, I used my sewing machine when creating the button holes, which aren’t very pretty but I’m OK with that. I briefly thought about messing around with the neckline, because the sweatshirt is cozy and super warm. Maybe a slightly bigger neckline would make it a little airy and cooler, but in the end, I decided not to mess with it at the time.


I may go back and mess with the neckline after wearing it a few times, but for now, I’ll leave it be.


P.S. I just have to brag about my most recent batch of hard boiled eggs! Aren’t they beautiful? I know hard boiling eggs isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but sometimes a batch may not super pretty. Still edible, but not that pretty. Anyway, isn’t this egg pretty? And delicious!

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  1. When I run into the “not enough matching buttons” dilemma, I look for an inexpensive thrifted garment and reuse the buttons. Sometimes I buy the garment solely for the buttons…if the price is right. Nice job on your refashion; very creative 🙂

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