Just a reminder that CC stands for “copycat” in my world. 😉 Cat (not her real name) contributes to the Refashion Co-op, and she is simply AMAZING! I am honestly in awe of her talent and so incredibly envious of her creativity. The pictures I posted are a few of my favorite refashions from her, but Cat has so many amazing refashions, check out her blog — Give the Cat a Name.


In the first refashion (top left), she refashioned a big dress into a fitted long-sleeve shirt. Holy cow! Beautiful! I love the splash of orange in the middle, but I’m just impressed with her long-sleeve creation. Again, Cat is simply talented and creative — and at such a young age! When I was younger, I wanted to work with wood and tools instead of fabric and a sewing machine.


Do you know where Give the Cat a Name came from? I had no idea, and like a curious little kitty, I needed to know the answer. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A classic movie starring Audrey Hepburn that I have never seen before. Hmmmmm. Maybe now is the time for me to rent it. For more of Cat’s work, check out her projects on her blog — Give the Cat a Name — and at Refashion Co-op.


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