SEVEN-DAY CHALLENGE: POST PICTURES OF ME WEARING MY NUMEROUS REFASHIONED SKIRTS. I looked constipated. I look like I’m holding my breath and sucking in my tummy. Why am I so critical of myself even when I feel secure with who I am?


COBY MARCH 15: The original Coby skirt was an epic fail, and so I decided to nickname a new skirt, Coby. My alphabet project cannot have gaps, and any skirts I’ve completed after the Collection 26 project ended will be given nicknames. Yes, I’m a nerd.


I guess I should post a few pictures from my trip to the art museum. I have no idea why I was so excited to see an old cigarette machine, but instead of dispensing a pack of cigarettes, small pieces of art by various artists could be bought for $5.


I love visiting art museums, and I admire artists with AMAZING talent and vision. But sometimes, I wonder whether my “artistic talent” would be good enough for an art museum, especially when I wander around the abstract sections. I can throw paint and draw lines like a pro — so why isn’t my “art” hanging in museums?


COBY MARCH 15: I probably should iron the skirt before I wear it again, and I’ll probably make the slit a little more modest. I don’t mind showing off my pretty little legs but not that much. Overall, I really like the skirt but I’ll probably make a few modifications before wearing it again.



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