BETHELLY MAY 15: I picked up this pretty little shirt for $4 on clearance, knowing it would never look good on me as a shirt. I knew I could easily refashion the shirt into a beautiful skirt.


LOST: A LITTLE BODKIN: Has anyone seen my little cute bodkin? Until I buy another bodkin or locate my only bodkin, I had to create a temporary bodkin to insert elastic into the casing.


JUST CHILLING: I love this cute and adorable label for the back of the skirt! How cute is that turtle? I used the shirt’s sleeves to create a casing for the waistband.


SO PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL! The shirt had a slight low-high hem, but I flipped the shirt around so that the higher hemline would be in the front and the slightly lower hem would in the back.



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  1. Your refashions look so easy but it’s inspiring! i want to rummage through my closet and try to turn some shirts into cute skirts. keep up the good work.

  2. What a great skirt you could wear all year round. black strappy sandals or black tights with boots. great skirt.

  3. Super cute skirt! I love the pattern! And I agree … i think it would look much better as a skirt instead of a shirt.

  4. I have a ton of shirts that don’t fit me but I like the idea of turning them into skirts. you make it look so easy.

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