The weekend of the annual chalk walk in a nearby town kept me busy, but my family and I were able to sneak out there on the first day of the event. If I had my way, I would’ve stayed for a few hours, walking up and down the street and lingering at each chalk drawing.


However, other family members were with me, and the day was packed with other things to do. Also, not too many chalk drawings were completed on the first day, especially within the first few hours. But I snapped some of my favorite pictures that caught my eye.


How cute is this turtle? And how beautiful is that butterfly in the first picture? And I’m a sucker for anything floral — so the three chalk flowers are gorgeous. The artists I briefly talked to were so nice and sincere, and I loved just wandering around the streets and looking at all the art.


After wandering around the streets, my favorite part was buying a box of chalk (supporting the event) and coloring in one grid of a bigger picture. This year, the iconic American Gothic painting was the big project, where anyone could help color in the picture.


I bought a box of chalk and let the one niece and four nephews color in the grid. They did a fantastic job coloring between the lines, smudging colors, and helping each other. I had no problem letting the kids get down and dirty with chalk just so I could keep my hands clean.


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