THE BOOK NOOK: My dad is always working on something in his house, and he turned a former closet into a beautiful reading nook. The biggest issue he faced was the upholstery piece because he couldn’t use any power tools to create removable cushion covers.


THE PRICE IS NOT RIGHT: He contacted a professional and received an estimate for the work. I’m 100% sure the professional would’ve completed a much better job, but I also don’t blame my dad for wanting to save a little bit of money and go the do-it-yourself route.


WANTED: CUSHION COVERS: Because my dad’s house is used as a central point for parties and visited by kids frequently, he wanted removable covers in case of accidents. Velcro, with the help of a glue gun, was used to keep the last flap on all the covers closed.


NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED: I might not have upholstery experience, but I have plenty of experience with Pinterest and sewing. I used one experimental method with one of the smaller cushions, and thankfully, the first cushion cover met my dad’s approval. Yay!


THE PRICE OF TWO LUNCHES: My dad paid me by taking me out to lunch twice (hello, shawarma and nachos!). He also paid for everything for else — the fabric, the velcro, and the foam — and provided his glue gun and iron and ironing board for my use.


JENNIFER FOR THE WIN: Our measurements were a bit off because five yards weren’t enough to cover all the cushions. Fortunately, I convinced my dad to buy a second pattern fabric instead of a boring solid color. My dad had doubts, but he trusted my judgment. In the end, he said I was right!


JUST AROUND THE CORNER: How beautiful is this corner seam? I am so proud of it! It’s so gorgeous that I just might shed a little tear of happiness. The third method was definitely the easiest and looks the best in my opinion. Again, look at that beautiful corner seam! So amazing.


TYING EVERYTHING TO TOGETHER: With some of the leftover fabric, I made a nice pillowcase for a body pillow my dad found and thought would be a nice addition to the reading nook. The two fabrics are totally my dad’s style, and I’m happy I could help him out.


PRETTY LITTLE READING NOOK: After three afternoons with a sewing machine, an iron, and a glue gun, the DIY upholstery project was finished. Despite some errors and imperfections, I’m pretty proud of my first upholstery project. I think the book nook looks fabulous!


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  1. Nice job. I’m impressed that you teach yourself how to do all these things. I love Pinterest and can spend hours on the site.

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