ORIGINALLY POSTED MAY 28, 2010: Riley and Calvin taking a nap on the couch. Look at all their fur! Whenever summer hits, the cats get a little hair cut to help them feel a little cooler. MAY 2015: Riley absolutely adored Calvin. Many a night, I would wake up in the middle of the night to find two cats sleeping on my extended arm — Calvin loved sleeping next to me, and Riley needed to sleep next to Calvin.

MAY 2010: Charlie and I are getting much better with cat cuts. Because they are long-haired cats, we take a scissors to their fur first and then use a pet-approved razor. Anyway, after Riley’s first go-round with the razor, he looks skinnier and weighs a couple pounds lighter. Maybe he’s not a fat cat after all.  🙂 Not the greatest picture that shows off his new cut.

MAY 2010: Calvin’s cut doesn’t look so drastic because of his dark fur. These cuts are work in progress — we don’t want to stress out the cats too much, so we cut their fur a bit at a time. Without all his fur, Calvin looks sooooo skinny! I heart my cats. MAY 2015: I still miss my little Calvin. He was such a good little cat, loving and affectionate.


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