FREEZER PAPER PROJECT: I finally decided to use freezer paper for a few projects. Per my research, a ton of other craft bloggers use freezer paper for many projects. My turn! For my first project, I turned to a simple drawing of the Tardis, freezer paper, and bleach-water spray bottle.


Even freezer paper boxes boast art and crafts uses! Interesting … I found my box of freezer paper at my local grocery store in the aisle with plastic wrap and foil. I found a simple Tardis drawing on the interweb, printed it out on paper, and taped it to a piece of freezer paper.


All I really needed to do was cut out the outline of the Tardis and poke out the windows after figuring out which was the paper side and which was the irony side. Also, I’m happy to finally use my exacto knife that I’ve had for about 20 years (I lifted it from a former workplace).


After cutting out the Tardis on the freezer paper and ironing it on a blank navy blue T-shirt, I slid a cookie sheet inside the shirt to keep the bleach-water combination from seeping to the back. Once everything was in place, I lightly sprayed the top area with the bleach-water combo.


Because I used a light mist, I didn’t have to wait too long for the bleach to work its magic on the shirt. I gently pulled the freezer paper off the shirt to reveal a beautiful Tardis! It’s so pretty! I turned the shirt inside out and threw it in the washing machine for a quick spin.


I was so incredibly happy with the results that I wore the shirt to breakfast the next day. Other than a few minor adjustments to the sleeves and maybe the neckline, I’m really impressed with how the project turned out and plan to make two more for two little boys who Doctor Who just as much as I do.



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  1. I am offically in love with your blog! I love all your projects and awesome ideas. From one Doctor Who fan to another — you’re so awesome!

  2. So awesome! I love the Tardis! My kids and I love Doctor Who — can’t wait to make this shirt! Thanks so much!

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