Editor’s note: CC stands for copycat in my world, and this week, I’m introducing seven amazing refashionistas who inspire me with their creations and refashions. They see the potential in ugly or outdated clothes and refashion them into something stylish and beautiful. I envy their vision and ability to score deals for $1 or less. Why can’t I ever find an ugly dress for $1? The best price I usually find is about $3.

Anyway, I’m shining the spotlight on Lauren from Adventures with Lauren, one of the editors for the Refashion Co-op. How amazing are her refashions? A huge thank you to Lauren for taking the time answers a few questions, and please don’t forget to hop over to her blog to learn more about her!


ME: When and how did you discover clothes refashion?

LAUREN: I started refashioning when I wanted to learn how to sew more. I first started to sew when I was fixing my bellydance costumes because they are so expensive and expensive to fix. Then I thought I could sew regular clothes but buying fabric is so expensive. So that is how I got into refashioning clothing!


ME: Where do you find your inspiration or jolt of creativity?

LAUREN: I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes I will go through magazines or Pinterest. Sometimes the clothing has a voice and a vision of what it is supposed to be, and I just let the garment do the talking.


ME: Which TV character’s fashion style is your favorite (i.e. Lucy Liu from Elementary or Jennifer Aniston from Friends)?

LAUREN: I actually don’t watch a lot of TV. I consider my style a bit eclectic. Sometimes I want chic clean lines for work, and other times I want to just wear a fun, fabulous dress. While other times, I just want to be free and flowy. So you will find a little bit of everything in my closet.



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