Editor’s note: CC stands for copycat in my world, and this week, I’m introducing seven amazing refashionistas who inspire me with their creations and refashions. They see the potential in ugly or outdated clothes and refashion them into something stylish and beautiful.

Shawn at Some Assembly Required is pretty amazing for a beginner. A few months ago, she needed to challenge herself about working on her refashions and challenged other refashionistas who needed a little push. I accepted her week-long challenge because I needed to haul my butt off the couch and whittle down my refashion bin. Thank you to Shawn for letting me use her photos, and I wish her luck in a new chapter in her life (she graduated college and accepted a job).


ME: When and how did you discover clothes refashion?

SHAWN: I discovered refashioning last fall. I posted on social media about buying a $10 sewing machine off Craigslist, and a friend sent me a link to a refashionista’s website! I was hooked!


ME: Where do you find your inspiration or jolt of creativity?

SHAWN: I find inspiration in the fabric of thrift store finds. When I’m searching for things to refashion I almost exclusively look at the quality and colors of the fabric. You can do a lot with high quality items!


ME: Which TV character’s fashion style is your favorite?

SHAWN: I have always loved Jess from New Girl’s fashion. It’s super quirky!





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