Editor’s note: CC stands for copycat in my world, and this week, I’m introducing seven amazing refashionistas who inspire me with their creations and refashions. They see the potential in ugly or outdated clothes and refashion them into something stylish and beautiful.

I absolutely adore Carissa’s vision and talent as a refashionista (especially her Cinderella dress refashion). Her creations at Refashion Co-op were one of the many reasons I was frequently drawn to the site (I just absolutely love her dress refashions — amazing!). On Carissa’s site — Carissa Knits — she shares her love for refashions, knitting, and DIY projects.


ME: When and how did you discover clothes refashion?

CARISSA: I remember cutting up and remaking thrift store clothes back in college, though I didn’t hear the word “refashion” until only a few years ago. Tales of my grandmother’s frugal sewing habits inspired me a lot. She would engineer her own patterns for dresses she saw in catalogs and make them for a fraction of the cost.


ME: Where do you find your inspiration or jolt of creativity?

CARISSA: I spend a lot of time with my dress form, playing with ideas of how to reconfigure a garment, pinning this here, tucking that there. I also take a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, as I’m sure many crafters do. It’s a fantastic way to organize my ideas and also to explore fashion trends. If a particular piece has me stumped, I often search Pinterest based on the fabric characteristics and what sort of garment I want to create — e.g. “lace top” or “plaid skirt” — just to spur my creativity.


ME: Which TV character’s fashion style is your favorite (i.e. Lucy Liu from Elementary or Jennifer Aniston from Friends)?

CARISSA: I don’t watch a lot of TV, but if I had to choose, I am pretty fond of Zooey Deschanel’s style on New Girl (and in real life). That vintage-inspired look with lots of bright colors and fun patterns — love it!




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