Editor’s note: CC stands for copycat in my world, and this week, I’m introducing seven amazing refashionistas who inspire me with their creations and refashions. They see the potential in ugly or outdated clothes and refashion them into something stylish and beautiful.

I admire Kristal at Love Street Salvage for so many reasons. 1. I love her sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself and the clothes she chooses to refashion. I very rarely show pictures of my face because I am so critical of the way I look. 2. If dresses didn’t make me look pregnant, I would work on more dresses and wear more dresses. How awesome are her refashioned dresses? I admire Kristal’s talent and vision.


Unfortunately, Kristal is super busy working on her refashion projects and other life projects and didn’t have time to answer my questions by this post’s publication. So, please if you have a chance, gander over to her blog and take a look around. Click on any of the pictures, which is a link to her web site.





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  1. I just started sewing and I can’t wait to learn more and turn old clothes into new things! I love wearing dresses — thanks so much for all the inspiration! You girls rock!

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration this week! I definitely want to copy everyone’s style — so unique and cool. Awesome.

  3. AMAZING! I wish I had her and your talent with sewing. Unfortunately, all I can do is prick myself with a needle. 😦

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