Editor’s note: CC stands for copycat in my world, and this week, I’m introducing seven amazing refashionistas who inspire me with their creations and refashions. They see the potential in ugly or outdated clothes and refashion them into something stylish and beautiful.

Lisa from Cucicucicoo is a lifesaver! But first, how cute are the DIY Despicable Me costumes for her kids? Adorable. At a time when I searching for an easy way to shorten sleeves on an oversize T-shirt, Lisa posted a wonderful tutorial, “Girl-ify a Men’s T-shirt,” that made me say, “Hey, I think I could do that.” After reading her tutorial over and over and looking at her pictures over and over, I successfully shortened the sleeves, and I have Lisa to thank for teaching me something new.


ME: When and how did you discover clothes refashion?

LISA: Around 2009 I started using my family’s discarded clothing for fabric because I felt an emotional connection with certain garments, but also because it seemed silly to get rid of them to just buy more fabric. The next year I started doing basic modifications and embellishments of garments, but it was in 2011 that I started getting more creative and changing the use and shape of clothing in real refashions. The book “Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies” really got my creative refashioning juices flowing and from there I just kept on going!


ME: Where do you find your inspiration or jolt of creativity?

LISA: I’ve always loved logical puzzles, which is what refashioning is for me. At times, I take a garment and really inspect it for what makes it different from any other garment, whether it be shape, size, fabric or whatever other special features. And then I just try to brainstorm how I could best use that feature to my advantage. But I find a lot of inspiration just from watching people on the street. Even if their clothes are store-bought, I’ll often see a detail that I love and want to recreate somehow. I always carry around a little notebook so that I can jot down notes and make quick sketches so that I can try to incorporate the ideas in my later refashions and designs..


ME: Which TV character’s fashion style is your favorite (i.e. Lucy Liu from Elementary or Jennifer Aniston from Friends)?

LISA: I don’t watch much TV, so I don’t really connect with any current TV character or her style. But when I was a teenager, I loved Rayanne Graff’s eccentric style, with all her layers and colors all mashed together. While I don’t dress in the grunge style of that period anymore, I do still love layers and colors and bizarre elements put together!



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