WHAT I’VE LEARNED SO FAR: Ironing white crayon onto a dark blue T-shirt doesn’t work very well at all. I know — I tried twice. No success. So, stick to light colored shirts when drawing and ironing with crayons. Also, when writing names and numbers, remember to reverse (a mirror image) the letters and numbers. The crayon picture will fade a bit when you stretch out the shirt (which I did).


After falling in love with my awesome crayon T-shirt, I taught one niece and three nephews how to transfer a crayon drawing (on sandpaper) to a shirt. They picked out a light colored shirt and drew pictures and wrote words on their piece of sandpaper. How easy is this project? So easy! The hardest part is figuring out what you want to draw or write.


I think the boys like the idea of having another T-shirt to wear, but I know my amazing niece Tova loves anything dealing with arts and crafts. Also, a huge shout out to Tova for sharing her collection of crayons for the project. She loved her new shirt so much that she wore it to dinner that same night and showed it off to everyone she knew.

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