I haven’t been refashioning too much for two reasons: lack of motivation and video game distractions. Thanks to a huge summer deal on video games, I bought a few new games (Ticket to Ride and Yard Sale) and rediscovered my love for some old games (Plants vs. Zombies and Torchlight II).

Whenever I pass by my basket of clothes to refashion, it’s so much easier to ignore the pile than rummage through and figure out what I should do. However, the piles (one upstairs and one downstairs) continue to grow, and I know I can’t ignore them forever.

On the brighter side, meet Delphine — my new dress form! Over the past few years, I’ve wondered whether I needed one because I wasn’t sure how long my love for refashioning would last. But after a few years and no signs of quitting, I decided I needed a dress form.


I found a few used ones at local consignment shop for a good price, but because I’m frugal I waited until they were 50% off. When the time came, the dress forms were either in the hands of new owners or the store used them to show off seasonal clothes. In any case, I was out of luck.

My luck changed a few weeks ago when Charlie and I were shopping for new cookie sheets when I spotted about half a dozen beautiful dress forms! After taking one look at the price tag, I hunted my husband down and asked how much he loved me.  🙂

After looking at the dress forms together, I chose one even when Charlie pointed out the words “for decorative use” on the tag. I didn’t care. Although the dress form isn’t even close to my size, I wanted a better and different perspective of a project in progress besides looking in a mirror.


Per other bloggers, a good sewer (sewist? seamstress?) always names a dress form, and for some reason, the name Delphine popped into my mind. Plus, I always like naming things — my stuffed animals (Sally, Bun Bun, Henrietta, etc.) and my cars (Anouk, Lana, Neo, etc.).

With Delphine in clear and present view, I have a little more motivation and inspiration to work on some refashions, but I have to admit that my summer has been keeping quite busy. I can’t believe the middle of July is already here and has one foot out the door already!

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