CUTE GROCERY TOTES 2.0: A few years ago, I turned an ordinary reusable grocery tote into a super cute tote. The experience was less than pleasant, and I remember using a ton of swear words and almost giving up numerous times. Although the tote turned out very nicely, I absolutely had no desire to add cuteness to another grocery tote. The project scarred me a little.


I’m not sure what possessed me to try the project again, but I’m glad I took the chance. Other than making a few mistakes here and there (a ton less than the first attempt), the process seemed a little easier. The multi-color polka dot fabric matches wonderfully with some of the different colored bags, and I am so incredibly happy to have more cute grocery bags in my stash!


At a craft store I picked up some super cute adhesive patches on clearance, thinking a monogram would be the perfect addition to the totes. Me at some party: “I brought the tote that has the letter H on it.” The patches were so cute that I didn’t care none of the letters were nowhere close to any of my initials. I figured the monogram would be a great conversation starter … or not.


Look! I created a cute little pocket on one side of the tote! I love loading the cute totes with games or some food dishes and hauling it to another destination. But what I love most about the reusable totes is I can easily throw them into the washer whenever they get dirty or stinky. For some reason, I prefer the canvas or more fabric-like grocery bags than the straight-up plastic ones.


I had a ton of the dotted fabric left over from a previous project and thought the material matched the various grocery bags I have collected over the years. With a good sale and some coupons, I bought webbed ribbon (not sure if that’s the correct term) for new longer and prettier straps. I haven’t beautified all my totes quite yet but the more positive process and pretty results have left me wanting more.


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