ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES: I absolutely adore the local fabric store from its selection of fabrics to sewing machines to the super friendly staff. I love wandering around and inspecting all the super cute fabric. How awesome are the fabric in the photo above? Perfect for a travel-themed quilt or quillow.

I immediately thought of my sister, Becky, who lives on a dairy farm when I spotted the dairy-themed fabric. If I was a millionaire I would have no problem spending it all at the store. Seriously. I could easily pick out a dozen bolts of fabric for so many different projects.


Of course, I have to closely inspect a beautiful pillowcase on display. Piping! Who knew piping could be added to a pillowcase? I absolutely love the added element, making the pillowcase look more polished and professional. I need to remember to experiment with piping next time around.


Ruffles! I never thought about a ruffled trim on a pillowcase! How cute is this ruffle on another pillowcase on display? The store inspires me every time I visit. Even if I’m too poor to spend a fortune, I still walk out with inspiration and whatever I can afford (usually something on clearance).


I like the idea of owning a super fancy sewing machine, but I couldn’t justify spending a ridiculous amount of money for it. If I made a living creating beautiful and amazing quilts and quillows then maybe — maybe — I would be OK with spending a fortune on a sewing machine.


How cute are the fabrics of foxes and zoo animals? Will someone please donate a million dollars to me so I can buy all the fabrics I’ve been keeping me eye on? I would spend the rest of my life sewing so many pretty things. OK, maybe not the rest of my life, but at least for a few years.

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  1. Even though local fabric stores can be a bit pricey than the normal fabric shops, the prints are so much more creative and cute. Sometimes I don’t mind spending a little extra for super cute fabric.

  2. I love my fabric store in town because the staff are so incredibly nice and helpful. Anytime I have a question on a project they are more than willing to help me. I love it.

  3. Fabric stores are so awesome and yet so dangerous because I want to buy all the pretty fabric I see! I agree with you it’s one of my happy places.

  4. I love my local fabric shop and I love wandering around new ones whenever I travel to a different city or state. Thanks a million for showing me your happy place.

  5. The store always has some really great ideas for projects. I always want to try what they have on display. Any way keep up writing.

  6. Every time I visit my local fabric store I make a new friend. 🙂 I love visiting it anytime I’m in the area.

  7. one of our number 1 problems., haha if we all only have a million dollar we would own a fabric store all for ourselves., but for now we could only have it one at a time., 🙂 and i also wish we have store like that here., !

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