So, I decided to challenge myself with Skirt Fixation’s UGLY Skirt Challenge, and I was sent one super ugly skirt! It was way too big, way too long, and had way too many flowers for my taste. Upon further inspection, the skirt was sold at some big-name trendy store per the label and a quick web search led me to one of the Pretty Little Liars’ stars wearing the skirt in an episode. Even on a pretty blond with long legs, the skirt still wasn’t very pretty.


The first thing I did was separate the two layers of the floral skirt, and the second thing was remove the elastic waistband. With the top layer (because it was prettier and the flowers were less distorted), I cut it in half at the side seams. An old black shirred tank top served as the bottom of the potential dress after I quickly snipped off the straps. I had been meaning to do something with the black top because I love the wide shirring in the middle.


With my new pretty dress form named Delphine (because all good sewers name their dress forms), I adjusted the two strips of the former skirt into a V-neck top. From here all the details will stop because after trying the dress on a million times, I was not comfortable with it. I didn’t feel pretty, and I scrutinized everything about the dress, which frustrating because I was 90% done with the dress. So, I went to Plan B — basically, my go-to plan.


A skirt. I cut the blouse part off the former shirred tank and salvaged what I could from it. In honor of Comic-Con and all the other comic conventions, I decided to create a Steampunk-ish skirt. The former black tank served as the base of the skirt, and the floral fabric was layered around it. Honestly, I was really inspired by Curious Orange Cat’s creation on The Refashion Co-op, and I figured I could try to replicate that with the floral fabric.


I spent a few hours wrapping the second layer of the skirt to create some poof to the new skirt and placing bits and pieces from the first layer. Delphine was very handy when I needed to baste some stitches before the skirt was tossed over to the sewing machine. I really love the layers and random bustles. I really love the style of the skirt, and I don’t think I’m even going to wait for a comic convention to wear it! Plus, I like the idea of pairing the skirt with my black boots in the fall!

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