I love animals. Period. I love dogs because they seem so happy to see you and be loved by you. I absolutely adore my dad’s dog, Sophie (in the photo) — she’s so friendly, sweet, and lovable. OK, she can be a little needy, licking people for attention, but for the most part, she’s such a sweetie.


I don’t know why I have such a fascination with big dogs — for the longest time, I wanted to adopt Great Danes and Newfoundlands — but I love hanging out with gigantic dogs. However, after dog sitting for my dad and sister off and on during the summer, I realized I really don’t want to own a dog. Too much work.


Again, I absolutely love and adore dogs, but I’m completely OK with living with just cats. Dogs require too much attention and have too much energy, which necessarily isn’t a bad thing. Plus, I don’t think I have the patience to house train a dog and teach it manners (don’t jump on people, don’t bark, etc.).


I guess I prefer more independent animals who cuddle when they want to and do their bathroom duties in a box. They seek attention when they’re in the mood and loudly voice┬áconcerns about feeding time. In the picture: Riley cuddles with me while I blog or play video games — he likes to be near our laptops.


Sure, cats can be stinky and snooty (like my Miss Clara kitty) and need to be brushed more than once a month (pure laziness on my part), but again, I love their independent nature. In the picture: Miss Clara gives me the evil eye because she’s at the vet’s office for a checkup and she’s in a new pretty carrier.


Quick side note: How cute is Clara’s new cat carrier? ADORABLE! I absolutely love it because it’s so much easier to carry. Anyway, back to my cats’ imperfections — they have long fur, they vomit when they eat way too fast, they hurl up hairballs, and they have the occasional dingleberry.


Every now and then I think a canine would make a good addition, but as soon as I think about dog sitting for my sister and dad, the idea soon fades. In the picture: How cute is this little kitty at the pet store? My heart just melted whenever he pawed at the window. I really hope he finds a good home.


In the picture: How adorable are these two cute little kittens snuggling with each other? Too cute! I really wish Riley and Clara would snuggle and cuddle with each other like this, but they seem fine to just nap near each other. But I still hold out hope that one day they’re start snuggling with each other.

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  1. I love love love dogs, but I would probably adopt cats if I were home more often. If I were travel with a dog I would want a chill one but not one of those tiny dogs that I can carry in my purse. Nope.

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