NEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY WITH A DOLL HOUSE: A few months ago my dad brought back an old dollhouse that my grandpa had made for my mom and her sisters. I know he built two dollhouses, and we’ve had one of them for years and my mom’s sister kept the second one. Anyway, the house has seen a lot of tiny hands and numerous interior changes since relocating to my dad’s house.


Maybe I missed my calling as an interior designer? When some friends dropped by to visit, I ended up playing with the dollhouse with one of the kids, who graciously assigned me two rooms to redesign — the kitchen and the kids’ room. I vaguely remember playing with a dollhouse when I was younger, but playing with one now was surprisingly fun. I had a really good time redesigning the two rooms.


THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: The annual “take a quick photo of the American Players Theatre stage” before Charlie tells me to put my phone away. Ha! I snapped the picture before he even noticed! And the Shakespeare play was amazing and hilarious. I truly enjoy attending APT every year because the cast and crew pull off magnificent performances with each play.


DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS UNLESS YOU’RE IN THE PETTING ZOO AREA: I love walking around zoos, but my favorite part is the petting zoo where I have no problem handing over money to feed some animals. With the exception of a dumb llama sneezing on me, I loved feeding cute baby goats and aggressive koi fish at the Des Moines zoo. How can the koi be so hungry when they’re fed every minute?


The offender! This cute little llama (I’m 90% sure it’s a llama) followed me when I walked around the pen, but when I reached over to pet him, he sneezed on my face! MY FACE! I think he’s smirking in this picture! I was so offended that I fed the little bugger last! I took my sweet time holding out my hand to all the little baby goats before I shared the remaining food with Sneezy.


AN OLD WOMAN WHO REALLY LOVES HER SHOES: Even though I have two pairs of the same white sandals, I feel a need to repair the sandals that are falling apart. I was never crazy about the wicker or weave part, but the sandals are super comfortable and make me feel tall and pretty. Before I start diving head first into shoe repair, I will spend a significant amount of time on Pinterest for ideas. Yay!

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  1. LOL. That’s right! Piper and I would get so upset with her whenever we were playing with the dollhouse and she would have an axe murderer come in and cause havoc. Piper cried a lot when Paige did that. I completely forgot about that … hahahahahaha

  2. We had a few small dollhouses growing up more like Barbie dollhouse. Paige played with dollhouses except she made them all haunted and scary. None of the families were happy and normal — at least one of the kids was a ghost or something. She’s so weird.

  3. I don’t think you’re ever too old to play with a doll house! I can’t remember if I ever played with one when I was a kid ….. hmmmmmmm.

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