Just google the words “dog shaming” and be prepared to chuckle at some really cute photos. Basically, owners write down the dog’s “bad behavior” and snap a picture of the dog with the reason. While dog sitting for my dad and sister this summer, I decided to dog shame the three dogs because they are so not perfect.


Junie knows the “sit” command but has a little trouble with “stay.” I quickly gave up snapping the perfect picture after trying to command Junie to sit for more than a second. She basically ripped off the bottom curtain rod and a portion of the curtain on the back door because she wanted to go outside.


My sister took a much much better dog shaming photo of Junie when they returned home from their trip. Thanks, Krissy!


Snapping a picture with three dogs is not an easy task. Junie should be in the picture, but she wandered off. Kenai, Sophie, and Junie like to chase each other around the living room and during one of the laps they took down a huge curtain and broke the rod off the hinges.


Kenai is a big dog and can be a pain in the tushy, but just look at his sweet face! When he’s not looking for trouble, he can be a really sweet boy. I love him so much, and I’m more than happy to dog sit for a few days. His antics give me some stories to share with others.


Junie and Sophie nibble on the remnants of a toy soccer ball that Kenai found in a restricted area. I figured the ball was a dog toy and didn’t think too much about it when Kenai started tearing it apart. Days later, I was informed the soccer ball was of the kids’ toys. Oops. I’m so glad my cats aren’t huge troublemakers.

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  1. Awwwwwwww. Despite all the trouble dogs get into they still love you and how can you not love them? The puppies are so so so cute.

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