Can life please slow down for a second? Please? Between short road trips and dog sitting for my family, I feel I haven’t seen my home in awhile. After spending so much time with endlessly energetic dogs, I appreciate my cats so much more even when they’re whining for food and attention. I long for a lazy day to casually work on some refashion projects or other sewing endeavors.

My living room is a disaster area right now because it’s filled with dozens of full project bags, my stand-up traveling bag on wheels (my favorite bag to pack for short trips), a new cat carrier (not sure where to store it), a very messy table, two boxes of china dishes, my various project boxes, and my dressing form. *sigh* Once upon a time, my living room was sparkling clean and organized.

And my blog is a mess. Normally, it’s pretty organized and neat, but now, I’m barely keeping up with it. Argh! About 50 comments need to be read and published — on the plus side, I’m happy people are reading my blog and commenting on my posts. Yay! But it has been awhile since I’ve just written something instead of posting pictures about a project or refashion.

I feel like I have so much to do, but when I have a free day, I would rather play video games and binge watch Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen. The last thing I want to do on my free day is clean and organize. Where’s the fun in that? I hate complaining about all this because I lead a very good life. But every now and then, I feel life is passingby too fast. OK, I’m done whining for the day. For now.

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