For an easy to learn and quick play game, Roll For It needs to be in your game collection. When browsing the interweb for the game, a red box and a purple box will be available for purchase. I don’t believe you need to buy one box before the other, but when you buy both, you can combine the boxes for eight players.


I bought the purple box because it was the last one on the shelf at a local game store. Had the red box been available, I would’ve snatched that too. About 30 short minutes later, I was playing the game with two nephews (ages 5 and 8) and my sister-in-law and absolutely loving the game (and cursing the dice).


How to play (with four or less people): Three cards from the deck will face the players and each player will roll their six dice. A player wants to match the rolled dice to the dice on the cards. If a player has two out of the three needed dice, she can place two of the dice near the card (see the green card in the picture).


Once a player matches the dice on the card, she keeps the card and gains the points on the card (the numbers in the red circle). When a player collects 40 points, she wins the game! Easy peasy. Honestly, the game is easy to learn and quick to play, and I don’t mind carrying the box around in my purse.

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  1. I carry this game in my purse or the kid’s tote. The kids love it, and it’s super easy to learn and understand. Love this game.

  2. Thanks for the game! The girls just love it! They love rolling the dice and finding a match. It’s so cute to watch their little brains work. Thanks again, love.

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