OK, remember the upholstery project I completed for my dad a few months ago? The last piece of the project was creating curtains for the game room in the basement. *sigh* I like that curtains is an easy task, but all I’m doing is hemming. Boooooo! I’m not a big fan of hemming. Blech.


With leftover fabric from the upholstery project, I cut the fabric into three pieces because my dad wanted three panels. I pretty much parked my tush in front of the TV with the fabric and my box of clips and carefully folded and pinned the fabric. An easy but so evil necessity, and the TV helps a bit.

My Riley cat helps me — or hinders — with hemming the curtains. I can’t move this beautiful fluffball — he looks so comfortable and happy. I would just be the biggest meanie if I moved him.


Pretty! As long as my dad is happy with the way the curtains turned out then I’m happy too! I think the length could be an inch longer, but it’s a small issue I can ignore. Fingers crossed I don’t need to make more curtains anytime soon.  😉

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  1. So I know you wouldn’t charge your dad for the curtains — but how much would you charge if I asked you to make some for my daughter’s room? We are in the process of redecorating her room for the umpteenth time. She has an old blanket that she still loves and thought about using it as a curtain. I’ll call you about the deets. Love you!

  2. I really didn’t know making curtains was that easy … just hem? I might have to try that because I spotted some beautiful fabric a few weeks ago, but didn’t know what I could do with it. Now I have an idea. Thanks pumpkin!

  3. You are too good to your dad! I have a hard time telling my dad no when he needs me to watch his furbabies. Everything he has done for me i owe him so much more. 🙂

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