Shhhhh, don’t tell my husband that I stole an old pair of his jeans (he hasn’t worn them in years) and created nice cutoff shorts. The jeans were too big and too baggy, and I had to figure out how to fix those issues. After I cut off the legs, I rolled up the cuff and sewed it down. With the cuff sewn in place, I needed to figure out how to make the shorts more flattering.


I opened up one side of the shorts, removed a belt loop, cut off a sliver of denim, and sewed the side back up again. The waistband fits me perfectly, but the sides were way too baggy for my stubby legs. Starting just below the waistband seam, I sewed a new inside seam about two inches in from the original seam. The cutoffs fit much better except the crotch area occasionally rides up. Bleh.


I picked up two plaid shorts at a local consignment store for less than $5! Woot! Any cute or interesting pattern was my first factor — price second and size third. I found the blue pair of shorts in the men’s section and knew two problems needed to be fixed: bottom hem and baggy sides. No problem. I cut off a few inches from the bottom, rolled up the cuff, and sewed it down. Yay!


While the waistband is a little loose on me, I’m leaving as is for now because hopefully a belt will fix the minor problem. But, again, the sides were too baggy for my stubby little legs so I simply created new side seams. After trying the refashioned shorts on, I wondered whether the hem was still a little too long, but my husband assured me the hem was fine. I’m leaving the hem because I don’t want to fuss with it more.


The waistband on the red shorts fit a little loose and ride a little too low for my taste but I think I can live with it. The two mains issues were length and leg width. Unlike the other two pair of shorts, the red shorts were a little tight around my short stubby legs. I had to fix the issue because I would feel too self conscious when I wore them in public. Luckily, I had some red dotted fabric in my stash!


So, should I turn the shorts into a cute skirt or make them into a better pair of shorts? Because I didn’t know how to answer that question I saved the red shorts for last. Before I found my red dotted fabric, I just thought I would add some navy strips to the side to coordinate with the colors on the shorts. Anyway, I inserted the strips into the sides to make the width a little bigger and finished the shorts with a new hem! Yay!

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