What’s a girl to do when dog sitting for a few days? Track down her dad’s DVDs of NCIS and work on projects and refashions. First project focused on creating T-shirts for a family canoe trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. With the stash of clearance T-shirts I have been collecting, I used freezer paper to create an outline of Minnesota, painted the state, and drew a cute little heart in the Boundary Waters area.


I didn’t want to worry about color coordinating all the shirts and just picked out the appropriate sizes in my T-shirt collection. After painting Minnesota on the shirt, I used a set of plastic letter stencils to paint BWCA 2015. For some reason, the yellow paint didn’t stand out well on the darker shirts. At first the stencils produced wonderfully crisp letter, but eventually, the stencils sort of wore down after many uses.


I like using stencils when I’m working on more than two T-shirts because I don’t want to spend too much time with freezer paper. Cutting the letters out, keeping the small bits, and ironing the paper in place. Stencils are just much easier to work with, but plastic and paper stencils wear down after awhile. I either continue to invest in plastic and paper stencils or find something more durable.


When I spent an afternoon with my niece and nephews creating the sandpaper-crayon art, one nephew was missing from the fun. So I created an “I’m fine” T-shirt for me, using leftover sandpaper for the words. I basically just scribbled on the sandpaper with different crayon colors and used a stencil to trace and cut out the words “I’m fine.” The last easy step was creating a blood splatter on the side of the shirt.

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  1. You share fabulous DIY projects! love them! I have to keep this in mind next time we have a big family event. You’re awesome as usual.

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