This lovely blue dress has been hanging in the back of my closet for a little over a year now. There’s really nothing wrong the dress — I just haven’t had an occasion to wear it. I used to wear the dress all the time when I worked full time, throwing a cardigan over it and wearing cute black tights and knee high boots to make it completely work appropriate.


Sometimes I am such an idiot because I didn’t even think to take a “before” picture of the dress on my dress form! Moron!

The length always bothered me whenever I wore it because the hem always hit the middle calf area. My skirts need to be above the knee or just above the ankle because anything different or in between looks weird. With a little bit of time on my hands, I decided to quickly fix the dress. I snipped off the drawstrings from the center of the neckline.


I repurposed the neckline drawstrings as a cute second strap to the dress. Already love the new look of the dress. I chopped off about six inches from the dress, saved the original hem from the scrap, and simply sewed the original hem to the dress’s new raw edge. Done! And I’m completely in love with the quick  fixes because the dress is just so much cuter than before! Yay!

During a NCIS marathon (season 7), I found a dark red tank needing a little bit of attention. Despite the size listed on the inside tag, the tank didn’t fit me and I knew exactly how to remedy the situation. If you’re a member of Pinterest, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the pin of the pretty girl holding a camera and showing off her refashioned white tank.


The tank was too small and a crocheted piece was inserted in the side seams. When I saw the pin, I immediately thought, “I can do that.” I cut my fourth and final lace placemat into three pieces and sewed them to match the length of the tank. Basically, I cut the third lace piece in half and sewed each half to the two other lace pieces to make them a little longer.


Once my lace pieces were the right length, I cut the side seams of the tank open and simply sewed the lace addition. The beauty of this project was no hemming! Woot woot! This girl was not going to mess with the hem of the placemats. Now, my beautiful tank is a teeny bit bigger and ready just in time for sweater weather!

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  1. I agree with you that dresses either need to be ankle length or above the knee. anything in between doesn’t look good on me either. I usually opt for the knee length skirts because they’re great for work.

  2. I’ve seen that Pinterest post too with the lace added to the white tank top. Nice job on the replication. I have a few tanks that need to be enlarged a bit.

  3. I love both refashions! Very cute. I like the lace addition to the tank top. Great way to keep the tank around a little longer.

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