I have been slow to learn everything about my sewing machine that my husband bought me almost a year ago. I have figured out the embroidery feature, which I just love and adore. A few months ago, I tried to teach myself how to use the button feature — creating the button hole and sewing on a button — with the dumb instruction booklet, but I just failed miserably. Even with words and pictures, I couldn’t figure out how to attach the button hole foot.


So, I just gave up and returned to using my trusty needle and thread. Hello, pricked fingers and a slew of curse words. However, in a previous post about sewing hanging dish towels, I was not about to sew buttons and create button holes by hand. Nope. No way. So, I turned to YouTube and found a brilliant guy showing me the process. This guy taught me what I needed to know in 30 minutes. I’m pretty sure I wasted 30 minutes with stupid manual.


Within in 10 minutes I learned how to create button holes with my sewing machine and sewed button holes on everything I could find. The guy suggested cutting a hole with a rotary cutter or seam ripper, but I couldn’t immediately locate either tool within an arm’s length. I found my husband’s box cutter and decided it would do the job (it worked just fine cutting a thin line inside the thread). Once I mastered the technique of button hole making, I was ready to attach buttons!


The same guy showed me how to sew on buttons within 10 minutes! I haven’t quite mastered how to knot the dangling thread or find a few strays with the seam ripper. With a few tugs and pulls, I don’t think the button will fall off anytime soon (fingers crossed). Until I can figure out how to knot the thread, I’m fine with leaving the dangling thread as is. With my newfound knowledge, I put the finishing touches on a refashioned skirt.


The skirt had plain boring buttons, and I jazzed it up with some pretty bird buttons. Thank you, sewing machine, for making my life so much easier. Speaking of plain boring buttons, I need to keep an eye out for more pretty decorative buttons because my stash is severely lacking. Not to mention, I can’t believe how expensive buttons can be! $3.99 for two buttons? $5.99 for one button? No thank you. I would rather spend $6 on something else.

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