I love running my hands through the clearance racks at stores and finding great finds with an even better red price tag. These blue checkered shorts would look like a normal pair of shorts on any average guy, but the shorts are too big and too long on me. Instead of turning them into another skirt or another pair of shorts, I thought capri pants would be the perfection solution!


The weather is still warm enough for nice shorts and capris, and the projected capris would look cute on me when I work at the orchard. Taking in the side seams about an inch was simple, but adjusting the inseam was a little trickier. To correct the minor issue, I cut into all the seams a little bit (from the bottom) and adjusted the material for a better fit.

Before sewing a new side seam, I turned to my table cloth lace stash to make the shorts into capris. I cut out four lace rectangles, sewed each to the back and front of each pant leg, and sewed all the side seams together again. When I created new outside seams for a better fit, I sewed over the pockets’ openings and simply needed to unpick the stitches to create the openings again.

I didn’t have the heart to donate this beautiful light hoodie because I just loved wearing it so much. Unfortunately, the hoodie is a little too small! Argh! With some left over lace from the old table cloth (best $4 spent because I’ve used bits and pieces for so many refashions), I cut and folded the lace into two long strips to insert into the side seams. PERFECT! Actually to make the hoodie perfect, I added thumb holes in the sleeves.

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