One pad of scrapbook paper gone. Now, my construction paper stash has finally been eliminated through a new project! All this cleaning house through my scrapbook supplies gives me a great sense of accomplishment (completing several projects) and pride (actually using the supplies for something good). Life is good.


After completing the Recipe Exchange at the orchard, I discovered a new project — replacing the old tattered signs with new apple signs. The orchard grows more than 30 varieties of apples, and this girl learned more than she ever wanted to know about apples. Thanks to half a dozen sites sharing any and all apple information, I typed and printed out new signs.


After the new apple sheets were printed, I simply f0lded the paper in half and glued it to folded construction paper from my scrapbook stash. Easy peasy. Not only do the signs look fabulous (in my humble opinion), but I know a little more about apples and found my new favorite apple! Macoun — a nice crisp and sweet apple.

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  1. Love the simplicity of the project but still looks professional and clean. And a great way to use unwanted construction paper.

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