• I can’t find my favorite pair of dark green pants/jeans! For the longest time, I thought they were hiding somewhere at the bottom of one of three laundry baskets but after a massive laundry day, my pants were nowhere to be found! What the pooh? I can’t even remember the last time I wore them. *sigh* I think some sort of memory pill would be good for me. How in the world could I lose a pair of pants? My favorite pants no less!
  • Ha! Suck it, life! A good chunk of holiday cards have already been mailed to friends and family. Woot woot! Thanks to Shutterfly offering me a ton of free holiday cards (just pay for shipping), I have been on top of my game — designing cute holiday cards, asking friends and family for addresses, and mailing cards out. I just mailed out one batch of cards in OCTOBER while Halloween costumes were still on sale! No Valentine’s Day cards in 2016. I am so top of my A game right now, and it feels so incredibly good to be organized. Hopefully, our holiday card will be the first to get stuck on refrigerator doors and won’t get lost in the madness of other cards.


  • In case anyone cares, I’m finally caught with the original NCIS through Season 11! I’m in the process of renting Season 12 because the DVD set is still too expensive for purchase. I like the addition of cute little Ellie Bishop after Ziva David left (sad face), and my favorite character on the show isn’t even a series regular — FBI agent Tobias Fornell. Any episode featuring Gibbs, Fornell, and their ex-wife, Diane, are my favorite.

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