I really love keeping family items — even every day items — in the family. When sorting through Charlie’s grandmother’s sewing stash, I discovered she had started one panel of black and white stripes and had sewed more than 100 9×9 quilt squares. I immediately volunteered to whip the squares into a quilt or blanket because I feel just honored to work with the fabric.


I know that might sound a little weird, but I couldn’t just bear the thought of the quilt squares being donated to some stranger. Of course, I am depriving some expert quilter from turning the squares into a beautiful masterpiece. As much as I want to create a beautiful quilt, I know I’ll screw it up somewhere and Charlie’s grandmother’s work would be all for nothing.


So, what do I do best? QUILLOWS! I took a break from creating quillows earlier in the year because I had completed about half a dozen or so in time for Christmas. I had started creating more quillows, but I kept making tiny little mistakes that just frustrated me. Now is the best time to return to quillow making! Plus, I really need to finish my sister’s quillow. Sorry!


I started with the blue and white stripe panel and realized it was the same size of an old blanket folded in half. I have collected about half a dozen old simple blankets from Charlie’s paternal grandmother with intent of using them as batting. After taking some measurements and comparing a completed quillow, the striped panel and folded blanket was the size of a quillow! Yay!


In Grandmother Mimi’s (not her real name) stash, she had a ton of blue lightweight fabric that matched the striped panel. I pieced together the blue fabric to create a pocket for the striped panel and sewed four long strips together to create the backing. However, I should have cut Grandmother Penn’s (another fake name) blanket in half and used one half because the blanket is too thick to be quillow.


I attempted to pick out the pocket, but I gave up after a few minutes (or seconds). For now, I’m leaving the blanket alone until a brilliant idea hits me. I think the blanket turned out nicely, but I can do better. I will get plenty of practice because I spent a few days to piece together the square patches and created seven new quillow tops. I should probably get back to work …

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