My time at the apple orchard has come to an end, and I’m sad to leave behind my new furry friends. Goodbye, Socks (my sister, Kristen, called him Boots), you thrilled the children with your presence. Thank you for acknowledging my presence and letting me pet you when I was bored.


Oh, Mr. Bo or Mr. Bojangles, I think I’ll miss you the most. You are such a sweet sweet cat who loves attention and affection. Thank you for letting me hold you whenever I needed a kitty fix, and thank you for being nice and tolerant of the kids who fawned over you whenever you lazed about in the shop.


Even though you didn’t spend too much at the orchard during my shifts, Seamus (picture taken after his haircut) made me smile whenever he┬ávisited. Thank you so much for running to my side whenever I called your name and allowing me to pet you until someone else distracted you.


Goodbye, Squirt and Squirrel, my two little baby goats. I loved sticking my short stubby fingers through the fence to pet you guys and making little Squirt (the kid with the brown face) dance on top the trough thingy. I always made the kids say, “Hi, Squirt. Hi, Squirrel.” and “Bye, Squirt. Bye, Squirrel,” during the tours.


Um, how cute is Squirt making a funny face behind cute little Squirrel? When the tours ended, I snuck into the goats’ pen to play with them or refresh their water pail. The little goats were so cute and adorable, head butting each other or nibbling on my jeans for attention or food.


Goodbye, Mama Midge. During the tours, I warned the children, “Don’t stick your fingers through the fence because Midge will nibble on them. She thinks your fingers are little carrots.” Just hanging out with Midge, Squirt, and Squirrel made me love working at the orchard even more. Just so cute.

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