First quillow complete! Woot! In Grandmother Mimi’s stash I found a vintage-looking fabric with an old country barn scene, and the fabric was the perfect size to back the square patchwork quilt. Previous mistakes forced me to think of other ways to piece together the quillow, and I found some wide bias tape that might help limit my mistakes.


I pinned the bias tape to the top of the quillow, sewed it, and then decided I didn’t like the result. The off-white bias tape looked too much like masking tape, but I’m too lazy busy to remove it and try another method. I successfully finished the quillow with my usual method but decided to try a different method of binding the top, blanket, and backing together.


I don’t think my sewing machine has a long arm (whatever that mean — I’ll google it later) so I can’t properly or correctly quilt my quillow (making pretty designs or patterns). Instead I use the fancy stitches on my sewing machine and throw them around in various areas on the quillow. Not the prettiest method, but it works for me.


This time to tie all three layers together, I cut out some hearts from remnants from the stash and placed them in various areas on the backing (so I didn’t ruin the country scene). I like the idea of adding patches to tie the layers together, but I need to work with an easier shape. Hearts are cute but difficult to sew (for me at least).


After finishing the quillow and throwing it in the washing machine and dryer, I love the end result except for the dumb bias binding on the top (at least I tried) and the pillow part is a teeny bit small (not the end of the world). I can’t wait to complete the other quillows and see how they all turn out! Yay!


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