Ah, the first snowfall of the winter season! The predictions of the first snow kept everyone busy, buying supplies at the hardware stores, making grocery lists, and stocking up on fabric to work on projects when trapped in the house. I kept myself in denial, hoping no snow would fall despite being late November and thinking the meteorologists are all liars. The beautiful weather the past few weeks have spoiled me.


Once the snow fell, some people forgot how to drive in the annual winter weather and the perfect landscape was quickly destroyed by tires and footprints. The traditional dance began as soon as I stepped outside — eyes immediately look at the ground and survey the mushy snow and broken ice, my tiny little feet step cautiously and slowly, and my poor poor heart prays my eyes don’t betray me and my feet slip on hidden ice.


Past experiences with hidden ice patches have made me slow and cautious in the winter. Years ago, I nearly had a heart attack when my feet found ice, my eyes were suddenly looking at the grey sky above me, and my tushy was sore for days. *sigh* Yes, the past few weeks of gorgeous chilly weather have definitely spoiled me because I’m not ready for this annual dance with snow and ice.

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  1. I remember laughing hysterically at Elaine and Jenny skiing and screaming in terror down the bunny hill. I hope I never forget that memory.

  2. Didn’t we spend more time in the chalet during the ski trips than on the hills? I just remember Jenny and I weren’t the greatest skiers, and we were terrified of the ski lifts.

  3. I’m not a big fan of mushy snow either. And I absolutely hate the drivers who freak out when they see a snowflake. Hello! You’ve driven in snow before.

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